Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ranty Ranty Rant Rant.

I, personally, find it a bit odd that people sew so much stuff for Halloween and Christmas. It feels a bit too flash-in-the-pan-ey for me to bother really. Not that we're even meant to do Halloween here in Australia. I was okay with it a few years ago when Spotlight had Halloween stuff, because apart from Rubber and Plastics, they're kinda the party and costume shop in the mount. But now that we have Halloween stuff in Woolies, I think it's time to make a stand. This is Australia, goddamn it! There's a Melbourne Cup to be getting excited about, not some stupid thing with bloody pumpkins. They're a stupid bloody vegetable, only good for soups and confusing you in the camp oven, sitting there pretending to be potatoes. And real aussie pumpkins can't even be carved, except with a bloody chainsaw. One time I saw my nanna split one with an axe! They're properly tough, and don't need some silly face to get that message across.

And I don't need an excuse to eat loads and loads of candy. And coming two weeks after the show, when everyone's still coming down off that sugar high... Actually, now that I think about it, most of the showbags have a variety of nasty looking lollies in the bottom that never get eaten. Halloween could be used to fob them off on the neighbours you don't like. I suppose if you're doing that though, why do you need to buy a special 1kg bag of nasty lollies to fob off on some other poor sucker's kid? They're not gunna eat them either, just gunna put them in the cupboard where they'll be looked at in disappointment every time all the good lollies in front of them have been eaten*

As you can see, not a big fan of Halloween. Christmas can annoy me too, mainly the whole having to get up early thing, combined with the forced visits to relatives thing, but at least it is actually an Australian holiday. Expecting aussies to celebrate Halloween feels kinda like expecting Americans to celebrate when Geelong beat Collingwood in the AFL grand final.

But what the shit is with Proclamation day, huh? Answer me that, fellow South Australians... Celebrating an event that occured on the 28th on the 26th...

The world is seriously doomed.

*While I'm having some random rants, I like the word "et" as a past tense of eat instead of eaten. Can we all work together to get this into wider usage?

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  1. Agreed. et is the past tense of eat. Not a big Halloween fan here either, but obviously not for the same reason (or maybe I'm a closet Aussie?). However, that being said. We usually get maybe two kids (and this year they will probably be my grandsons who live with me) knocking at the door, so I usually buy my favorite candy, not some crappy kind, because who wants to eat the crappy stuff? So it's 3 Musketeers and Reese's peanut butter cups at my house. (And my husband buys his favorites and my kids buy theirs too, so we have a ton of candy that we shouldn't have and we're all getting fat .. :)).