Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NOvember is approaching.

So, since I've got a BnS ball this weekend, have decided to buy an industrial fairy floss machine with my family* and have concluded that I need a spare bank account with $1000 in it by the end of the year**, I've decided to invent NOvember, a month of saying "no" to stuff I don't really need to be spending money on.

This is not really a concept I've ever been that good at. I'm more of the "well, what the hell else is the point of it" mentality when it comes to money. But, sometimes, when I'm considering buying my 24th pair of jeans, I manage to think to myself "Really, Sara? Really?" and I'll sometimes come to realise that mind-me is correct, I don't actually need it, and I'm being a crazy hoarding lady. Just because I'm down to eight bras now doesn't mean I need to get more . And none of the fabric on my shelf is getting lonely, not with the 100+ other metres of fabric keeping it company.

So I'm calling it NOvember, because that's a bit more catchy that what it actually is - "really, Sara? Reallyvember." That's what I'm gunna try to ask myself for 30 days. In the most condescending type of mind voice I can muster.

I don't know how well it will work. I'm not putting any rules with it, I'm just going to force myself to come up with a better justification than cause it's nice/pretty/useful/I want it as a reason for actually spending money on it.

Christmas shopping season is coming up too. Need to start giving that some thought. Mum and Casey are pretty much sorted, but I can't say what cause Mum snoops around here sometimes. Hi Mum!

*We spent about $50 on fairly floss at the show, and 3/4 of it is already et. We have one of those pissy little table top ones, but there's 50cm industrial ones on ebay for around the $400 mark. Mum and Dad like the idea of going to the local small shows around the place, Casey and I like the idea of taking it to a BnS ball.

**Dad has this old Datsun ute that he's chopping into little bits and welding back together so that it's very, very low, 75% blind spot and bound to get him arrested at some point, so it's been decided that we really need to all have some spare bail money at hand ready for when it's finished.


  1. Absolutly love this post Sara and I will enjoy hearing about all the things you will be saying NO to. Just remember the "One Brown Mouse" lady will be at the Mini Me Market and she has the Japanese print fabrics, I will love to hear you saying NO. I know I cant say No so Im wishing you the BEST OF LUCK. I guess you will be buying sugar in bulk now to..... NO!

  2. NOvember. what a great idea. Good luck with that. thanks for the tip on Castle.. loved it.