Sunday, October 23, 2011

In my honest opinion

There should be a sign at the show, something along the lines of "If your bruised coccyx is finally starting to heal, don't go on the rides. You'll be hurting as much tomorrow as you did Sunday last week"

I'm just saying, a bit of warning would have been nice.

In sewing news, today I sewed a total of 24 metres. I know this because I sewed the zippers to 6 bags, and they're each 50cm long and are sewn 4 times a side. And for the record, setting zippers is not hard, but it is mind numbingly boring.


  1. Wasn't it hard sitting all that time sewing?? Sorry to hear you're still so sore.

  2. Your getting too old to go to the carnival, give it up before it kills you, sewing is a lot safer