Sunday, October 9, 2011

The important stuff.

In the words of Holly Williams, "I wish I was a fine wine, I wish I were a good drug, and hey if I were Jesus, maybe I could heal all of us..."

But is it my job to fix people's problems? I fell horrible at the idea of leaving them to flounder when I can maybe make them feel better but sometimes I feel like telling them to suck it up and get on with their lives, and that wallowing in their misery isn't gunna help them get past it. Maybe I should. Maybe it would help.

All I know is this: I start work in 8 hours. The one lonely beer that I had tonight wasn't enough. My skinny jeans are cutting off the circulation to my feet. There is no magical key to happiness, but I think that being a happy person has something to do with it (maybe). My parents come home tomorrow. If there was a Nobel prize for things that end my day on a high note, it should be awarded to whoever invented the electric blanket. If you buy a dozen chocolate bars at half price, and half of them get eaten by your sisters because they figure you had heaps to spare, it's not really a saving. You can't consider yourself responsible for anyone's happiness but your own. Wool is naturally flame retardant but not known for it's absorbancy. Purple and orange are very in this season. I write this blog mainly for me, but it's really really lovely that so many of you come along for the ride. You can't really know love for someone else till you have learned to love yourself. Maccas always tastes better at 3am. My toy lamb needs a wash. You've gotta make the wrong choices to learn how to make the right ones. I should make a detachable strap for my new phone case-wallet (it's purple and orange). If I could be anybody, I'd be me, but if I had to be someone else, I'd be Zooey Deschanel. You can't un-say something - once it's out there it's out there. The square root of 225 is 15. Thirty days have September, April June and November. Secrets are meant to be just that - secret. But sometimes they aren't, and most of them aren't eventually. There's a mini stash of fabric in one of my cupboards that I totally forgot about. I envy the people who have the luxury to take a side and stick to it - it's tough in the middle. Sometimes I think about the fact that there's a set of primary light colours and a set of primary solid colours and that they're different and it blows my mind a little bit - especially the fact that both the colour wheel and the spectrum are essentially the same, but they start from different things. The only even prime number is two.


  1. Arghhhhhhhhhh too much to think about . My brain hurts.

    Cant believe your holidays are over! And you should have hidden the chocolate.

  2. I agree with you on a lot of these... especially that you can't consider yourself responsible for anyone's happiness but your own, & the weird primary color thing too. I've never understood that one.

    ~ Meagan

    for squares - I have always been fond of 169 & 196. I probably enjoy those way more than is normal...