Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll sleep when I'm... finished sewing. Maybe.

Tonight, instead of lying awake in bed unable to sleep, doing nothing, I figured I wouldn't bother trying to go bed early and stop those four hours being wasted. I had the fat quarters I got on the cheap yesterday (I went with the blue one because it didn't quite fit with the others) something similar, old and cheap that I've had for years to use as a lining and, after about 45 minutes of searching, some zipper and ribbon for the handles.

I put the coke bottle into the picture to give you some idea of the scale.
I hadn't really considered before how big of a bag I could get from a fat quarter. By no means is this a big bag... It's the same height (12cm) as a coke can. But it's over 30cm long and about 15 cm wide, which makes it fit, pretty much exactly, a pair of sneakers, yoga pants, a t-shirt, light jumper and a microfibre towel (if you go to a gym and don't have one of these, go onto the internet and find one. It's a full size towel, that scrunched down would probably fit in that coke can)

I wanted to try an even lazier way of doing the handles so these are ones that go parallel with the zipper, instead of attaching vertically on the large sides.

It's not quite as natural-feeling to hold, but I think next time I might compromise and sew the ribbon into the seams on the big sides instead, and have them come up at a diagonal. It's certainly easier than cutting and resewing a whole new seam just to piece the straps in.


  1. That's a great size for a gym bag and I love it done in that fabric.

  2. nice bag .. don't know how you can whip it up so quickly. Good use of non-sleep time.