Friday, October 14, 2011

I am very easily distracted.

Case in point 1 - Today, I went to Spotlight to get some ribbon. I got 3 types, and, well, some other stuff too.

Case in point 2 - Tonight, I was gunna come home and start sewing, but I got on the internet for a bit. For about an hour.

Case in point 3 - There's new episodes of Psych and QI on the internet tonight. But I accidentally watched 4 episodes of Angel instead.

Case in point 4 - I started writing this post two hours ago.

Case in point 5 - I switched to a new tab thinking I'd pressed publish. That was 20 minutes ago.


  1. I'm constantly being distracted by other things. I have the attention span of a flea most days....

  2. It's even worse when I'm at work and I start something only to get distracted by something else and nothing gets done.

    Love the fabrics.

  3. I was supposed to knit some handwarmers for a friend. I sat down to start them, and made a doll instead.