Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home Safe

"So", said Brad as they drove back to the ball site from Loxton with their lunch. "What have we learned this BnS?"

"Well," said Sara, "I've learnt that even though people have a tendency to make disparaging comments about my boobies, I can still get a free bottle of vodka if I get them out in front of the promo guys."

"Thats... A very good lesson." said Casey.

I do sometimes wonder if I'm likely to offend people by talking honestly about what happens on my nights out, but really I don't mind. Judge away. I'm quite happy to look myself in the eyes in the mirror, and that's what matters.

Actually, in spite of the little incident discussed above, it was, by my standards, a VERY responsible ball. Had maybe a half dozen drinks, danced till 2am when it finished, made up my swag, read a book on my phone for 15 minutes and went to sleep. Made out with 4 guys, but Rob doesn't count. Came home dry and relatively clean, save for a slight blue smudge on my hands, which I think was more from the old dye on my coat than anything new. Some guy kept coming up to me and asking if he could pour his drink down my dress. I said no and in response to his 'why not?' I told him I'd kick him in the nuts if he did. It's got a very full skirt, so movement's not limited like it would be in something less ballgown-ey.

Today I slept in, meaning I missed the gelly-baff wrestling (thankfully) and in the afternoon we drove the half hour to Loxton for food, fuel and an impromptu swim in the Murray by Case, Brad and some guy called Kiwi. I put my shorts on and lay on the pontoon, trying to get rid of some of the pasty whiteness of my legs. It didn't work. The fast food place at Loxton had the best gravy I've ever eaten, ever, but the chips were a bit overdone.

We left a bit after 5.30 and had the most glorious afternoon driving home, except for Casey needing to chuck up a bit. I am the queen of the 6-stacker-CD-player, making us an epic 8 hour loop that had all the right music at the right times - mellow for when we were easing into the drive up there, stuff to dance like idiots to in the middle, country for arriving at the ball and then a bit of rock and some more mellow for the drive home. It got dark as we stopped in Naracoorte for a sausage roll but that's okay, because we know that part of the road well enough to do it in the dark.

And now we're home safe, Casey has fallen asleep on the couch and I'm going to have an early night.


  1. Favourite Aunty HelenOctober 30, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    Firstly Im VERY PLEASED your all home safely, secondly I dont judge you for flashing your boobs in public (If you call them Boobs) and thirdly Im just thankfull that Casey didnt get hers out because she could have really injured someone with those big babies. = )
    Glad you had a good time and didnt turn blue.

  2. I always giggle when I hear about your alcohol (and non alcohol ) fuelled adventures. Takes me back to when I was young and probably a lot sillier than you've ever been !

    Hey if you have to flash ya bits to get free booze - then that's what you have to do .