Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good stuff, cheap stuff and a short(ish) rant...

And now, in the interests of honesty, it's time for Favourite Things 4am Saturday morning. Not quite as catchy, but factual accuracy has always been a favourite thing, no matter the time or day.

I'm picking the salvos. Specifically, the one in the Mount, the one that's next to the back door of the OK Pie shop* - the one in Grantville Court isn't as good.

When I last went there I got a Bonds hoodie (six sizes too big, but six times more comfy) and two pairs of jeans (RM Williams and Just Jeans skinnies) for $16. And even though a lot of people say to me "oh, well of course you can find things in your size," obviously there's also some nice size 16 jumpers about, or, there were, but I bought them.

There were a couple of other girls my size there too, and, as usual, I got irrationally cross at the idea that they might get a hold of something I wanted for me. But then, I saw what they were looking at, and got rationally cross at them. See, they were buying an outfit for an "op-shop party" which for some inexplicable reason translates in their mind as "find the most horrible disgusting thing we wouldn't normally be seen dead in and buy that. It'll be a right old laugh"

This attitude makes me really cross. Probably half my wardrobe comes from the Salvos. It's cheap, it's better for the environment and it helps charity. But when they think op-shop, they think something shapeless in brown velour. They don't think $200 worth of clothes for $16. They're missing out.

Actually on second thought, maybe we should be encouraging this kind of stupid ignorance on the part of my contemporaries. It means more good stuff for me.

*Mini Sausage rolls, also a favourite thing.


  1. Is the name of the pie shop actually OK Pie Shop? Since you were cross at them either way, I think you should continue to view them the way you do .. and be glad they aren't snagging the stuff you want.

  2. OK Pie I miss it so.

    As you know, I love op shopping and a number of my outfits have come from there. But honestly there is some crap in op shops that you wouldn't be seen dead in. Some shops are more choosy than others about what they put out.

    I know there are a lot of people that wouldn't be caught dead buying actual everyday clothes to wear from the op shop. That's their loss!

  3. The perfect mix of an OK Pie Shop mini sausage roll and a bargain to be had at the Salvos, makes for a favourite thing Saturday morning for me. LOVE AN OP SHOP BARGAIN!!!!!

  4. Love op shopping and always feel good knowing I am repurposing something and it gets to have a new life. Good on you and like you said all the more for you.

  5. I love a bargain at the op shop and like that I am helping our community by shopping there. I never seem to find the good outfits, my friends have a knack and can go in right after me and come out with beautiful item that I had just walked right by....luckily they like to share :-)

  6. Mini sausage rolls - good stuff.

  7. There was an Op Shop 18th Birthday party in your area last weekend ( mentioned on another blog I read) so the girls may have been shopping for that.

    Nothing wrong with op shopping, I can just never find any thing much that is decent.