Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going nowhere fast...

Tonight, I cut 18 pieces of fabric 46x60cm, and interfaced them together into nine big double sided bits.

That might make it sound like tonight was another night of procrastination, but that took me two and a half hours. The ironing and the measuring and the cutting and the ironing and the measuring and the cutting and the ironing. I didn't even take anything to watch, cause I was doing it out in the kitchen while my new harddrive talks to my old harddrive and they get cross when you want to watch TV at the same time.

I guess the moral of the story is that attempts at mass* production usually leave you feeling a bit crap. All that work for a nice neat pile of really big rectangles. Whoopteyfreakingdoodah.

I've tried to pick some boy fabrics, or at least some gender neutral ones. There's a Riley Blake that I seem to recall getting last time I was in Adelaide, something with cute animals that I think came in a mixed remnants bundle from, a Kaufman and a variety of Spotlight stuff.

Tomorrow I need to cut out the little bits on the sides and take the offcuts, which suddenly becomes a set of handy colour cards, into town and find some ribbons to match to be the handles.

And now I'm off to bed, to fall asleep to the dulcet tones of 3 little hardrives whirring furiously. I think they'll be at it for a while.

*the m key on my computer doesn't work sometimes, and it's a good thing I re-read all my posts before hitting publish, because otherwise you would have all been thinking I spent the night producing ass.

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  1. I love all those fabrics, I hope I dont end up buying a bag, I really dont need one.