Monday, October 3, 2011


Today was dedicated to geocaching. Well, I say today, but daylight savings is messing with me and it ended up being late this afternoon was dedicated to geocaching.

So I got up about 1.30 and we headed off about 3. Jolly good thing it was light until well after 6 or we would never have had time to find all eight caches we went looking for. That's right... 100% success rate. We had planned to geocache our way up to Kingston to see some friends but they went away for the weekend, so we did some of the more local ones. And because we weren't going too far or away half the night, Maddy came with Case and Jess and I.

We did the one behind the western entrance, the one at Buck's hill, the one on Pannells road (there was a geocoin in it, but we didn't have one to trade it out) the one at the Pt Mac lookout, the one under the watertank, the one at Racecourse Bay, the one at Ewens Ponds and the one at Caveton.

We stopped at Pt Mac for chips and I finally got around to taking the quilt photos.

Tonight when Case was about to go to bed she chanced to look under her bed, and found this.

A little paper geocache. Containing:

A log and a (paper) geocoin.

We wrote on the log and put into it all the things we've taken out of caches so far, so that she'll have them if she checks it.

I guess they're right, and despite my doubts due to her dislike of mint* Maddy is really my sister.

*Mint is obviously the bestest flavour in existence. How can someone with the same genetic sequence as me not like mint? Were it not for the fact that she's, you know, exactly like me in pretty much every other respect, I'd seriously think she was switched at birth. She's eight.


  1. Wow another geocacher in the quilt blogging world. We cache too, when we have time, and usually only when we go out of town. Too many politics going on in town. We love it, it takes us to places we would have never found otherwise.

  2. I just saw another post about geochach-ing . It seems it's taking over the blogging world. I wonder if there are any geos near my house?

  3. Ditto. and I was talking with someone at church and they mentioned going kayaking at a lake to do some geocaching.

    Love the quilts. They are beautiful.

  4. That paper cache is super cute! It's good that you & your sister enjoy some of the same things, despite your age difference. My kids are eight years apart, so it does me good to hear that you and Maddy get along well :-)

    ~ Meagan