Friday, October 7, 2011

Blabbing, TV and Stubby holders.

I may be experiencing what feels to be the end of Thursday, but it's been Friday here in South Australia for four and a half whole hours now and I just ate a bowl of nutri-grain and that's a breakfast thing so I think I may as well do my fave things Friday now.

First up, some random good things.

Parents are on holiday, so to save on dirty dishes it's time to start drinking milk out of the carton. This makes me way happier than it should.

Improvisational scrap piecing. Probably not gunna be able to do it again anytime soon, since I'm not big on the scraps. Actually, this was pretty much all I could find.

30cm square, leftover bits from making the back of the Autumn Nutmeg quilt

Today, Spike got killed on Hawaii Five-0. That's not good, because they needed him to tell them about the Asian guy that the Aussie guy's dad may or may not have been having bad-guy collaborations with, but the point is I quite enjoy referring to characters on shows by the name of the character I most know them as. I'm sure James Marsters' character has a different name on this show, but I can't be bothered learning it. Also, I really just like James Marsters in general.

A long time ago, long before Team Edward and Team Jacob, us Buffy nerds were all in love with either Spike or Angel. I was only 15 at the time, so it was the dramatic, never-can-be love of Angel that I was sappy over, but now that I'm older, I must admit, I would like to have a house fall down around us while I did the dirty with Spike. It makes me sad that I've only just started re-watching season 2, and I have 4 more seasons to watch before I get to that storyline. Nonetheless, the fact that that storyline exists makes me happy. Aww hell, the whole show makes me happy. Except, you know, when someone dies. Then I bawl like a small child.

Anyway, back to good stuff. Strawberry and Lime cider. But it's a bit expensive. I also like the Smirnoff goon sacks, and they're much more alcohol-bang for your buck. But the nozzle looks like it may be a difficult one do inflate after I've gotten around to drinking it all.

Being massively bogan. And a massive geeky fangirl. All at the same time.
Having the coolest stubby holders around. And a tutorial to share too!

Stubby Holders: You will need (measurements are in cm, a rough conversion should work fine)

10cmx 24cm rectangle of insul-bright (the stuff that goes in quilted oven mitts)

9cm long piece of soft and flexible velcro (you can use the regular stuff, but this is way better)

30cmx12cm piece of pieced fabric (or whatever print you want on the outside) and 30cmx12cm of inside fabric, sewn together to make one long piece. Or a 60cmx12cm strip of fabric.

Lay the insulbrite on the wrong side of the inside fabric, with a centimetre or so overlapping onto the outside fabric.

If your insulbrite has one side that looks plusher than the other, put the plush side up.

Flip it over, holding the insulbrite in place, and sew the scratchy side of the velcro over the seam, about 5mm from the edge of the insulbrite.

The stitches can't be seen very well, but there's about half a centimetre on the three edge sides

Trim the overhanging end edge to 3cm.

Fold the outside down over the insulbrite, get the inside fabric out of the way and trim the outside fabric to 1cm beyond the end of the insulbrite.

Flip the outside fabric back over the insulbrite, leaving a couple of millimetres of overhang in your fold, so the insulbrite doesn't bunch at the end when you turn it right way out.

At the other end, fold your outside fabric back at about a centimetre from the end of the insulbrite.

Fold the inside fabric over the top of that, with the fold extending a few millimetres past the end of the insulbrite as before.

Sew down the sides. It doesn't matter if any insulbrite gets caught, it will just mean a slightly bulkier bit. Make sure to backtrack at either end or else it will come loose.

Turn right way out. The opening should end in a little pillowtuck type end.

Sew the soft side of the velcro over this to close it.

Quilt however you like. Vertical stripes make it curve easier. Sew a box roughly around where the velcro is at the other end. I also did random lines and an edge stitch.

This is designed to fit 375ml cans and standard stubbies. If you drink from different sized bottles, cut your insulbrite to the circumfrence of the bottle +3cm for overlapping velcro.

If you want your drinks to remain extra insulated, use two layers of insulbrite. Cut each to 23 cm and skew them to make a 25cm piece - it needs the extra length because it's thicker. If you can get hold of wetsuit material, that's really good too.

These really aren't that different to the coffee insulators that I've seen about a bit, only straight. And with the velcro helping you cheat your way out of tricky turning gaps needing sewing up.


  1. OK I'm making stubby holders for my brother in law for Christmas. I wonder if I can get Harley Davidson fabric anywhere? Thanks for the tute Sara.

    I fall in that age where I didn't have a love thing going on with either Spike or Angel nor did I watch Buffy. Going on the fact I think that Seeley Booth is a bit of a hottie I would have been in the Angel camp.

  2. I too would have been in the Angel camp and I'm definitely team Edward .. from the book though rather than the movies. I'm glad you're being so green by drinking out of the carton rather than dirtying up a glass ..

  3. I missed out on the Spike/Angel/Buffy thing - too old, ouch!
    A stubby holder is a great idea for a present. Thanks for the tute.
    I'm all for less dishes to be cleaned!

  4. Love the piecing. The bottle warmer idea is cut I'm just not sure the beer drinkers I know would use it.

  5. OMG! My age just caught up to me! At first I wondered what the H you were talking about! Then I hit my forehead...ok, you poor poor thing, you better start drinking out of that stubby and pray that the parents arrive in the nic of time! Love the stubby holder...too too funny. Shay will make you famous yet!