Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be afraid... or at least slightly baffled...

So tonight I figured I may as well have a go at some alternative ribbon handle setting ideas.

There's coming up at a diagonal from the side seams, like I considered last night.

And there's making into a big loop and sewing it right around the bottom.

After these were all finished I made an amazing bit of scaffolding out of some coathangers from which I could nicely photograph them.

I think dark magic may have been involved in making it work. I took it down in case it tried to attack me in the night.


  1. I prefer the sewed around the bottom version.(not that I'm ever going to make one because zips scare me !)

    Good thing you took the installation art down because Im pretty sure your scaffolding was inadvertently a satellite dish for alien communications.

  2. Love your creative way of hanging your bags .. they really look great. I like the around the bottom version better, but they both look great.