Monday, October 24, 2011

And again...

The nice thing about corduroy is that it's cotton, so you can interface it and make it into a bag.

The nice thing about this particular corduroy is that it's really, really pretty.

Problem is, I'm struggling to find a fabric for a lining or a nice ribbon for some straps, but when I do it will be my new pretty bag.

This is some kind of furnishing fabric that is also 100% cotton, but it has the unusual distinction of looking completely, completely different in photos. None of the colours look like that. It's actually quite nice, as a potential bag, though I imagine if you used it for curtains or to cover a couch or something it would look horrible. And in real life too, not just in photos. It's a bit, um, gaudy. Still, cute summer bag, for the beach.

I'm so ready for Summer. These sorta-nice spring days we've been having have been like a nasty, nasty tease before we get into the good stuff. I know people hate it, but I am so ready for 35 degree days, going down the river, doing stuff all and not feeling a need to justify it cause, hey, it's the middle of summer and laying down under the trampoline for 6 hours is kinda the done thing.

I guess what I'm dancing around saying is that today I didn't really get anything* done and I feel bad about it.

*I got my harddrives sorted though, and that took about 5 hours. Most of the rest was sitting on the couch eating fairy floss.

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  1. When does summer begin? does it coincide with our winter beginning? How many bags have you made of late? are you making them for market? I haven't been sewing at all so I have to sew vicariously through others .. man have I been lazy.