Saturday, August 27, 2011


Not only did I not mean to stay out all of last night, I had my laptop and an emergency internet connection with me anyway, and I still didn't get around to blogging.

Basically, I'm campaigning for the award of bestest bestfriend ever, and it's hard work, at odd hours, and involves driving people places, yelling at boys, cuddles, making jelly shots, sitting on bedroom floors till 5am, movie marathons during power outages and cutting letters out of Lifestyle1 magazines at maccas to make ransom notes. If it becomes official, not only will I have a small trophy declaring me the bestest bestfriend in the world, I will also have a very impressive CV.

On the crafting front, I have chopped up all the strips to make the extra blocks to expand this quilt. And I'm kinda wishing I paid a bit more attention to how long it took me to strip piece the other half, because every time I strip piece a quilt I find myself wondering how much time I've actually saved. It feels like it's taking longer, since there's cutting and sewing and an extra thing of cutting again, but I suppose the time is saved in lining up the bits as you feed them into the sewing machine. I'd like some kind of mathematical proof though, so if anyone out there's willing to strip piece half a quilt and chain piece the other in the name of science, let me know.


  1. Perhaps there's an ap for calculating whether or not you are the bestest bestfriend ever? or maybe a linky thing? I'd offer on the quilting front but I haven't had my sewing machine out in forever and I may never be able to sew again .. oh, poor me.

  2. Having finished the FD quilt (finally) I find I have no desire to sew at all so you're on your own with your little experiment. I'm planning on laying back and reading all day.

    I'm sure you're the bestest bestfriend regardless of campaigning. Who are you thinking of kidnapping?