Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Travel

Today I had a day off work, and with no BnS balls to attend or plan for, I instead ended up traveling through time.

Now time travel isn't something you can do in the morning. Well, I can't really do anything in the morning, except sleep, and once I was up and about in the barely afternoon, it just sort of happened. The weather was right, an actually chilly but seemingly balmy (after our recent weather) day, with a blue sky and fluffy clouds. The car started playing music I loved half a decade ago, so I decided to go with it, and live my afternoon as if I were 18 again, only with nicer shoes.

Obviously, no longer having a school to attend or a boyfriend to annoy, I decided to to the other thing I did a lot of, on Thursdays of old - spending all my money. Back then I was earning about $180 a week, and with no real expenses, save a bit of petrol and the occasional phone recharge, most of it was spent within a day or two. I had a decent list of things to get - the shampoo that GoLo didn't have yesterday, some bras, another towel for the gym (I only take pretty coloured ones, and all of mums are white) and I needed to go to Spotlight to see what the composition of the fabrics that Meagan had picked were, because for some reason, she ended up with the docket, and I didn't want to wreck them all by putting the iron on too hot.

Buuuut... shopping to a list is not what being a teenager is all about. So I bought shampoo and bras, but I also got some trackies and a jumper and a polo shirt and some hairbrushes and some jeans and a book and some foundation too, which was an odd choice because I've never really been into the whole buying makeup thing, but hey, I was feeling the time travel magic. Then I went to Spotlight, read some tags and realised that despite not really knowing much about fabric, Meagan had managed to pick 100% natural fabrics, for my interfacing pleasure. Gotta love the girl. Also gotta love 30% off precut fabric, which lead to me buying 20 fat quarters, which I didn't really need, but in fairness, I haven't really bought much fabric lately. I feel like I'm on enough of a treasure hunt when I go to the shed, since my boockcases still aren't screwed back.

Approaching the $130 mark, I decided to have what would have been an after school snack (KFC), and went and bought the towels and some silicone chocolate molds, which I thought would make some toats cute cupcakes. Realising I had nearly hit my old $180 budget, I gave myself my last $20 at kmart, and bought two shirts and two more pairs of trackies for $15. It must have been right about when I was in the checkout line that the sun set, because I felt the time travel magic drift away. I took the last of my stuff out to the car, changed the CD, and drove home at 5kph under the speed limit, like a grown up.

I don't really know what prompted my afternoon of teenageyness. Maybe it was just that with all the time I'm spending lately with work and two lots of friends, I needed a day to be me by myself. It was fun. You can't really live recklessly in a four hour window of time, but you can spend recklessly, so that's what I did. It was fun, probably even more so because it was just for the afternoon. For all that I'm worried that I'm stretching myself too thin these days, I still feel more settled in me now than I did then.

Oh, and I have nice fabric in the present too.

I have a plan for the top ten but nothing yet for the bottom - I still haven't even decided whether or not I even like them all together :/

And delicious mini cupcakes

These have since been iced and pretty much all et.

And progress on Meagan's bag

The RM tag came off a pair of $5 jeans from the Salvos, and was the great idea we simultaneously had yesterday. Casey and Mum have both threatened to mug Meagan for this bag and it's not even half done yet.


  1. I really miss those days. No, correction - I miss having them and not feeling guilty about it afterwards. And those mini cupcakes are way super cute!

  2. Wish I could have a day like that, it would be a fabulous day too. Love the bite size cupcakes too!!!

  3. Blogger ate my original comment...sheesh.

    I think your time travel day sounds wonderful and I think I need to create one of those days for myself. I just need to recall what it was like way back then when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

    Love the mini cupcakes and that top lot of fabric is making my heart sing!