Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some things I learned or realised today:

Just because GoLo had your shampoo cheap last time you bought it, doesn't mean they will have any left when you go there today.

I have a best friend that can think the same thoughts as me, at the same time. This should save on phone bills. And also result in come quite awesome gym/travel bags.

You never see a stocktake coming, and it's never fun when one hits. I have gotten lucky in only working on prep day - the next two will be nasty as a hoard of stocktakers descend on the store, but I have them off, so lucky me.

"Real" food (Emily's kitchen beef and blackbean with some peas and carrots) makes you feel way more bloated than fast food.

No matter how many punnets of strawberries you examine, or how carefully, there will always be at least one yucky strawberry in the one you pick.

When a junior claims to have "cleaned" the registers, double check. Apparently, there's more than one meaning to the word clean.

If you stand back for a second to look at the selection at McCafe, someone will push in front of you. Even if it's a quarter to midnight.

The music show that's on on Wednesday nights only ever plays about 3 songs. I guess that's why it starts at half twelve, cause it's a bit shit.

My internet will get me an album in about 1 1/2 minutes. It takes longer for me to type what I'm looking for into google.

I need to get phone credit tomorrow.

I left the free quilting mags I got at work. They'll probably turn out to be a disappointment anyway.


  1. Im the person that still believes I can get a perfect punnet of strawberries when I shop. It takes me 30 minutes to examine every punnet and Im disappointed every time. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I think it's a conspiracy .. amazing how you can still learn new things at your age!