Friday, August 19, 2011

The return of the quiltmath

So these are the quilt designs I've come up with.

This one has been fully math'd and about half of the fabric is cut. It's mainly strip piecing (except for three blocks) so once I get going it should be pretty quick to do.

This is pretty much the same colour positioning layout, only with half square triangles, and without the brown bits. This would use 15 quarters and an extra 25cm square each of pink, purple and blue (it's those same three blocks as the one above that annoyingly sit outside the maths. For the other quilt you can chop a strip from the end, for this one, because I'd be using a few different prints to read as each solid, you can pop in any scrap that seems similar enough)

This wonky pinwheel has the same 5 colours shifting but the math is totally totally different. Each vertical column has each colour 4 times, so you'd need as many squares of each of the five colours as you had rows. Two fat quarters of each would make 8 squares so I've gone with 8 columns, but with seam allowances and all the extra trimming necessary for wonk, I think it'd end up being about 80cm wide. Maybe 35cm cuts would work better, cutting three big squares selvedge to selvedge and doing it six columns wide.

Hmm. Did you guys really actually miss quiltmath?


  1. My brain hurts when I start reading numerical figures. I usually ignore the maths part and concentrate on the pretty pictures.

    Love the bright pinwheel and the brown and colours is going to look amazing all made up!

  2. If you missed quiltmath, then I missed quiltmath .. I don't understand any of it but I am amazed by it.

  3. that last one is a little twister quilt, have you ever made one of those? They are easier than they look, and you made it sound complicated.

  4. All 3 are very vibrant. I like quilt math, but not at midnight.