Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heya, mojo.

My camera is refusing to focus and I can't find the pink one I bought as a backup, so the only photo I can offer is a bit fuzzy.

Still, lookie lookie, an actual quilt top.

Also, it's upside down in the photo. Oh well, just don't compare this to the diagram and we'll be okay.

The decision now is do I quilt is as soon as possible with an unpieced back (since it's pretty much right about 1 metre wide) or do I add more blocks to make it a big'un? It's nice, and because it's so simple it'd be a good one to take away and use in public without anyone judging me (I always worry people will judge my print selections but solids I have no such shame about* - does this make me weird?) but I'm not sure whether it would be better as a travel rug if it was bigger - my last traveling quilt wasn't much bigger than this one and I seem to recall thinking it was a bit too small, but I've never done add-on quilt math before.

Oh hell, the fabrics are $7 a metre and it only took two to do this much. I may as well make it bigger.

*though the purple is a bit darker than I'd like.


  1. Sounds like you're going for bigger. You need a decent size for a lap quilt (although Ive seen your lap and you dont have much of one)

    It looks brilliant ! Welcome back Mojo!