Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loving it sick

Because Casey recently got a facebook account AND a new phone, on Saturday night the walls of myself and a good many other friends were plastered with badly spelled variations on the "I love you" theme - I was to busy with a boy to do any such thing although earlier in the night I did make a slightly tipsy phone call to Woolies to tell Meagan how much I loved her and wished she had come... Nonetheless, for no apparent reason, tonight I am feeling the love, so here's some.

I love how many millions* of photos from the weekend have surfaced on facebook. And the fact that I'm only in one of them. (So far)

I love the way light passes through fog and I love how when you get to the top of a hill you're above the fog, and it's like you're on a island.

I love in depth comparisons of microwave meals. Emily's Kitchen still do the best beef and black bean, and the fact that they come with rice instead of veggies is a good thing because a) it sops up a lot of the sauce and b) a can of peas and carrots is only about $1.30. Passage Foods' beef and black bean is a lot spicier, and has veggies instead of rice, but the veggies are all exotic bean shoots and capsicum and other stuff I'm not that keen on. There is a lot more beef content though, and they were on special tonight.

I love finding that last bit of beef in the bottom of the sauce and the weird veggies.

I love the rainbow fabric of my handbag. And the pink lining.

I love how kick arse I am at building flatpack furniture.

I love the wad of paper measuring tapes I stole from IKEA** Very handy.

I love how humorously loud Casey's snoring is.

I love turning a down into an up - yes my coat is filthy and no I can't wash it at home, but now I can put on facebook that I'm taking my fur coat in to get professionally done. *snigger*

I love saying "Everybody wins. And by everybody, I mean me" (really, I say this at least once a week. I say bitchin', and sweet as bro, and sad face a lot lot more. Maybe I just love the fact that I have catchphrases?)

I love the moment when you realise that it wasn't the 15 hours of car travel, or all the dancing, or the night spent in the back of the ute, that made me feel like a walking ache today. What actually caused it, was that someone had put one of those portable "test your speedo accuracy" displays out the front of Kylie's house in Bordertown (on a 50kph back road, for no apparent reason) and while her stuff was being put in the van I decided to see if I could get it to activate just by running at it. I could, and over four sprints (which I of course didn't warm up for) I got 20kph and shin splints. If I had gone for a longer run up than the 30 or 40m I used, I probably could have gotten a stitch and an asthma attack too.

*that's an exaggeration. Hundreds, yes, but that doesn't sound as cool.
**they were free to use and dispose of - I just need to use and dispose of them here, in my house.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the Ikea police monitor Blogger...

    I also cannot believe you could set off a speedo accuracy thingy just by running. Or that you would test the theory.

    I love your catchphrases -they're very you. And occasionally I use some of them myself - giving you full credit of course!