Saturday, August 6, 2011


I worry that doing a big list of things I like instead of an actual favourite thing is kindof a cop-out, but people seem fond of it. And I do like things.

I like buying a pretty gift bag for a dollar to put my shopping in, instead of buying an envirobag (SA is plastic bag free)

I like having a hidden cache of socks for times when all the ones in the regular sock basket are old scratchy ones.

I like red cards in my post office box, but I like blue ones even better because you don't have to sign for them, which means you get to tear the package open quicker.

I like pimple killing goop that actually kills the pimples, and I'm willing to forgive the fact that it's essentially acid, and the reason it burns when you put it on the pimple is because it's actually burning.

I like it when it stops raining for a minute just when you're trying to get to or from your car.

I like it when Casey leaves half a box of chocolate biscuits in my room, and I eat them.

I like having a bin next to my sewing machine.

I like it when I find something that I bought long long ago and it's kinda exactly what I need now.

I like it when a zip sets just right.

I like it when I realise a fabric is a poly-blend and turn the iron down before it becomes a horrible, shriveled mess, not after.

I like the clothes in That 70s Show. I wish I had more clothes like theirs.

I like being able to chuck my phone places safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to break a really expensive piece of technology. I'm gunna like having a new phone even more though, when Becky gives me the money for it.

I like having clean hair.

I like it when I forget I have food in the oven, and then I freak out but when I get there it's perfectly cooked.

I like tomato sauce, but only with certain foods.

I like velvet ribbons because they feel nice, even though I've got nothing to use them for.

I like putting my electric blanket on half an hour before I'm going to bed, so when I get in it's like slipping into a warm bath.

I'm gunna go do that now :)


  1. Great 'like/favorite' list. I opt for an ice pack in my bed. It's been 'that' hot!

  2. I like velvet ribbons too but have no earthly use for them . And that electric blankety thing you described - oh that's heaven!

  3. Great list Sara, i love velvet ribbons too but when would I ever use them!
    No electric blanket but a hot water bottle is almost as good.

  4. LOVE your list! Nothing better than slipping into a warm bed. Alas, no electric blanket. I'd have to use a hair dryer. ☺ Happy FTF!

  5. Great 'like' list Sara. Love velvet ribbons too (why can't they just be to enjoy)and love when I've forgotten to turn my elec.b on but the other nice person in the house remebered and turned mine on too...YAY! Great post.

  6. Great "likes" list. Having a "like list" of simple pleasures is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I think your list is great.....I love the red and blue cards from the post office too :-) Not keen on the cream ones! (you have to pay for those)

  8. I like your quirky way of doing things !!