Thursday, August 4, 2011


This lying about the gym thing is getting hard. But I am a surprisingly good liar, and last night's reason for skipping the gym (sitting on Meagan's floor talking about the finances of a small trucking operation) worked fine as a cover when I got home at 2.30 this morning to find my Dad in the kitchen. And my Mum not home, because she'd taken Becky into the hospital to get drugs because her wisdom teeth are coming through.

So there you go, another talent to add to my list. Quiltmath, fabric buying excuses, lying.

Speaking of quiltmath, I'm quite looking forward to this last shelf getting put in, because then I can unload all my fabrics, take a photo (because really, they'll be good for all of a day) and then I can start getting inspired. I haven't done any quilting in what feels like months, and I miss it. I know there's a serious lot of seriously nice fabrics out in those tubs, and I wanna start working my way through it, so I can tell myself I can buy some more.


  1. Well, I can tell you're good at the quiltmath and fabric buying. I'll have to take your word on the others.

    Can't wait to see the pictures of the new room.

  2. I lie (mainly to myself) about being on a diet on a daily basis.

  3. What's a little lie here and long as they're only white lies and nobody gets hurt.

    Im hanging to see pictures of this mean clean room of yours!