Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've just had a horrible realisation...

2am when I've just gotten home from the pub always seems like the perfect time to start sewing. Enough of my brain though knows it isn't, so it sits kneeling in front of the fire with some of the more mellow Joe Nichols songs playing on the laptop until my skinny jeans cut off the circulation to my legs below the knees and then it's a struggle to get to the bedroom let alone sew. Still, it amuses me even when I'm sober - the sensation of not having a foot, not the shooting pains later on. But they pass quickly, and are worth the amusement factor. Bodies are so interesting aren't they?

Anyway, I actually only had two. I wasn't really feeling it - it was after work and I'm dealing with two besties with boyfriend issues. Maybe I would have been more keen if I had finished my bag this afternoon - I decided that I absolutely needed a special bag to only hold my essentials at the pub, with a single long strap. I altered my go-to box bag pattern to be tiny and have a flap covering, managed to re-thread an invisible zipper so it opened from both directions (I've been unable to do this for so long I was actually starting to think maybe you couldn't) because I couldn't find two pulls for a regular zip, did the outside and the magnets and the lining and got to the bit where you sew up the ends before I had to go to work. I hate it when that happens. but instead of finishing it off (there's maybe 45 minutes of sewing left to do) I'm gunna be responsible and wait till some other day. Because tomorrow, I have to get up IN THE MORNING!

Gah, 12 noon starts! How do people put up with this crap? I don't know...

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  1. OMG! You have to start work at lunchtime? What the hell were they thinking asking you to do that?

    But does that mean you'll get home at an early enough hour to get a load of sewing in?