Monday, August 8, 2011

It's okay, people.

As previously mentioned her on this blog, I have an amazing ability to have a thought, get a little too into the brilliance of that thought, and, within a day or two, have transformed the thought into a time and money consuming hobby, a facebook group or a gym membership. And usually, the first step involved clicking on the tab marked eBay.

My brilliant idea tonight is that I really need to get myself some high heels. I have one pair, some quite nice and quite high wedges that I got for $6 at the Salvos and have worn twice, to two work christmas shows. Not because they're uncomfortable, in fact, as far as 4 inch heels go, they're very comfortable, but more because, really, that's pretty much my only occasion for wearing heels -indeed, the only time I wear a dress*, except for BnS balls, to which I wear, as is traditional, my boots. Nonetheless, in the last two days I have watched a lot of Good News Week, where, for reasons unknown, Claire Hooper and the other female guests are all in jealousy inducing, ankle twisting, toweringly gorgeous heels. And I want some. I could wear them with my dresses, to the G or Dirty Shads (or I could if my friends weren't such flakes, and would come with me.)

Unfortunately, a quick search for "heels" on eBay revealed a sad truth: much of what it in fashion at the moment looks like big clumpy hooves. I found one pair on the first page that I liked, and they were $285. Even with an RRP of $900, that's not much of a bargain if my use of them is, so far, only hypothetical. And they don't look comfortable, only quite funky. And really really tall. Like, regularly falling over, tall. Like, just say no, tall.

So I did. It was much easier than with the boots, which are in my watch list. I'm lucky enough to know that hypothetical Sara isn't me, and isn't limited by my bank balance.

Phew. Crisis averted.

For tonight, anyway.

*One might then ask why my closet is full of dresses I have never, or only once at most, worn. One should stop asking so many stupid questions, lest I slap her, cause my slight dress-buying addiction is none of her goddamn business.


  1. Last time I wore towering heels was about 3 years ago. I'm over trying to make my legs look long and my ankles skinny. The rest of me looks a bit dumpy so really what's the point?

    Pop down to Spendless or Pay Less and see if they have any spiky beauties for your tootsies. The really pretty shoes will be here in Summer.

  2. I love the way the high heels look, but when I'm wearing them, I wish I were wearing something comfy, like boots with fuzzy lining.