Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm a m-model...

So this weekend we are going on a roadtrip to the Adelaide Show. Three girls and a boy, staying in 4 star comfort, spending our days shopping and our nights clubbing.

I am pants wettingly keen. Way keener than I would be for a BnS ball. Because even though I do like my bogan homies, on this journey, I will be traveling with my two absolute besties. And our token boy.

We are all getting a bit carried away with the outfits we're going to need. Anna and I had a wardrobeathon* on Friday and picked a couple of dresses for when we go out on Friday and Saturday night, but in addition we've both been furiously ebaying (and hoping things arrive in time) as well as scouring the shops locally, and penciling in a Friday afternoon shopping sesh in Adelaide just in case our wardrobes completely fail us.

I, almost disappointingly, already had two perfect outfits in my wardrobe, and I'd pretty much selected them as soon a Anna mentioned a weekend trip to Adelaide to get to hake our booty and break some city-boy hearts a few weeks ago. One is a very cute, if a bit low cut (I'm going to add some lace to the bodice) checkered brown bubble dress that looks utterly utterly bitchin with my tall cowboy boots, and the other is a black, lacy, ridiculously short dress that I've had for about 4 years and never worn out, because, well, when I say ridiculously short I do mean it. And also, I really only got the kind of social life that one needs to wear a ridiculously short dress out clubbing very recently.

Tonight though, I got a bit worried that maybe there was something even more fabulous in the depths of my wardrobe that I'd forgotten about, and so I decided to try on everything and twirl in front of a mirror. I now have a couple of spare options to take too, but I'm still fairly sure that what I picked is what I'll end up wearing.

Oh, and remember how I was saying that I absolutely needed some ridiculously high heels? I got some, and their $30 price tag equals out to just $6 an inch.

They're a bit boring, but tonight I wore then for 45 minutes and I still felt like I could have kept wearing them. Except I'd run out of clothes to try on with them.

Don't worry though, I'm still waiting on 4 dresses to arrive from the internet. I may need to make myself another bag.

*a wardrobeathon is basically just when you try on everything you own looking for the right thing to wear. If you're going away, a good wardrobeathon beforehand is essential.


  1. Adelaide - watch out! Sara's coming.

    Say Hi to my daughter at the Magazine stand -she's working at the Show.

    Sounds like you have a kick arse weekend planned- just try not to get arrested.

  2. oh, sounds like a very fun weekend for you with lots of dressing up and dancing and shopping .. when does it all start? (Those heels would kill me, but then I'd take them off and not care ..)