Monday, August 1, 2011


Eventually, statistically, I will leave a ball with a memory card full of funny, cute photos from which I can pick the ones where I look the best, delicately photoshop them so they become even better, and plaster them all over this blog and facebook.

This was not that ball. But since quantum physics says that everything than can happen, should happen, it's only a matter of time. Despite taking two cameras and 7 batteries, There's really only one photo of me from the whole weekend. And it was taken this afternoon. At the Murray Bridge shopping centre. On Casey's phone.

Hair in piggietails because there was quite a lot of alcohol flying through the air over the dancefloor last night, and it was so horrible and matted that I couldn't get it into a single ponytail. You may note too that I don't look like a promo girl for the new Smurfs movie. This is a nice change. I did have some red smudges on my cheek but it swisspered off.

It was a fantastic evening, but it's even more fantastic to be home. Mum* and I went into IKEA while the girls stayed at recovery, and we headed home about 3, only to find out, an hour or so into the drive, that one of our friend's brothers had put his keys in the van for safekeeping, and completely failed to mention it as we were leaving. So it was an extra 2 hours on the trip for that, and then Casey decided that what she really needed was soda water, and do you think we could find any? Thus the trip to the shopping centre, and really, there was noone else about, how could we resist? We'd saved a horse by riding cowboys, and then we decided to ride the horses too.

Other random info:
We had the lanyards out, everyone liked them, but noone got around to trying them out.

Fuel consumption (for the swift) was 7.8L/100km on the way up, but only 6.2 on the way home. I'm going to tell people that the rate of alcohol consumption was at a similar rate, but I'm just saying shit to be funny.
I was trying for three trips to KFC in the one day but after lunch in Adelaide and afternoon tea in Murray Bridge (the first time through) we got back into the mount at 10.05 - they close at 10pm :(
I feel so much better now that I've had a shower. It's like magic.

*It seems that a lot of you are mums and so I have to ask you this: Would you drive 400km with your daughters and some of their friends just to drop them off somewhere and spend the night alone? Would you, the next morning, take one of those daughters on a 150km round trip into the city to buy some furniture, putting up with her having a chuck into the tub that last night contained the dozen or so jelly shots she'd consumed (which actually caused the chuck) and then take her to KFC because all that would make her feel better was potato and gravy? And would you then drive the van home so the other daughter could keep on drinking? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you're as awesome as my Mum is. Congratulations. It's not easy.


  1. I want to say I'm as awesome as your Mum but I honestly don't think I am .I may do one or two of those things but probably not all of them.In the same day. While you had a chuck.

    I'm glad to see you survived mostly intact (and that's actually a very cute photo )

  2. Ditto what Shay said. I would do some of those things but not all of them, and especially not all in the same weekend.
    I'm sooooo glad a) we don't have B and S balls anywhere near us and b) my daughter hasn't decided she wants to go to one.
    I like that photo too and glad you had a good time and didn't end up looking like a Smurf.

  3. As long as my girls don't tell me everything I'm good. Probably not as awesome as you mum, though spending a night alone sounds really good.

    Very cute picture.