Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad.

Once again, as it so often does lately, real life got in the way of sewing. But today for a change, as well as the usual deros dragging me to the gym, we went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate Mum and Dad's 27th wedding anniversary.

27 years is very impressive. I'm 23 and I haven't even kept an imaginary friend that long, let alone any real friends. The idea of having spent an amount of time longer than my whole life so far with the one person seems amazing - my best friends I've known for less than two years. And although I've got some friends from 10 years ago on facebook, I don't actually talk to any of them. It makes me a bit sad.

Even though past experience tells me I probably won't be, I really hope I'm still friends in 27 years with the friends I've got now. These are the first friends I've ever had where I feel like I'm storing my feelings and thoughts inside someone's brain other than mine. As someone who's always been very self reliant, it's an interesting feeling, but I'm rolling with it. Tomorrow, we are going out so they can form some opinions on shoes for me, and then we're making ourselves fish and chips and some jelly shots. It should be excellent.

But it won't get any sewing done.

PS. I'm gunna go with the squareish shaped quilt. More because it will make a nicer picnic rug shape than any other sensible reason, especially since I don't really have picnics. Maybe I will, once I have the quilt. I like the idea of picnics.


  1. congratulations to your mum and dad! Sometimes I think back to when I did something and I realize it was like 40 years ago, it totally freaks me out. I mean, 40 YEARS AGO! That's an incredibly long time. So anyway, congratulations to them.

    Good idea about the quilt being used for a picnic .. when the weather gets warmer ..

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents. 27 years is really something. I'll be 65 by the time I've been married that long!

    Picnics always go better when you bring alcopops and dont do much ...just lay on your blanket.