Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good news/Bad news

In a bit of a bummer of a mood tonight. I'm saying no to some boots in the same way that pretty much everyone said no to hitting the town tonight - well, to be fair, half of them worked till late and the other half got started way too early and were ready to be taken home to bed by 11, but I'm a smidge miffed. If this was real life, I would say "sad face" because I'm not actually very good at frowning. Although what I've actually done is gotten into bed and started watching all the episodes of Good News Week that I missed back at the start of the year because I work monday nights, and it's funny, so I'm smiling plenty.


  1. I'm not good a saying no to myself....Why are you saying no to those boots?

  2. Ohh those boots are beautiful. I just got a very similar pair for my daughter...but as they're quite a bit smaller they were also quite a bit cheaper.