Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Even bigger whoops.

Anna and I are in agreement - we have made a horrible, nasty, rookie mistake.

We didn't take a day off before our roadtrip.

Now I at least don't have a packing problem. I need to chuck a pair of skinny jeans in the wash and find myself a pair of plain black undies but that's it. Anna on the other hand is still wardrobeathoning it as I type, at 3.30am. That's the advantage of always having spare sets of clothes packed. I'm good at it by now. Don't worry though, I have plenty of shit that still needs doing.

I've given up on getting any more work done on the brown quilt before we go. It was a nice idea, to have a brand new quilt to take with me to Adelaide, but it's not gunna happen. I will take one of the others. Instead I'm sewing some lace and some straps onto my brown dress. I'm doing them by hand though, so I've realised I can do it in the car on the way up there. There has to be some upside to not driving, right?

Oh, and I was gunna finish Dad's quilt, the one that I nearly all did (except for putting the press studs and the back on to make it a quilt cover set) for him jut before father's day last year. But I'll probably buy him a giant Whitman's Sampler from woolies instead. Mainly cause I want the box, but we'll keep that a secret.

I need to pick my designated hour's worth of music. I need to charge about a dozen batteries. I'd like to make a little coin purse to go with my pub handbag so I don't have to have my actual purse in it. I need to sort out some car food for myself, but only a little bit because the car is going to be fairly full. I need to wash and straighten my hair. I need to shave my legs. I need to find out if Becky's tax cheque has come through yet. I need to go to Spotlight and get some thin black satin ribbon, because I can't find any. I need to make myself a map of all the Salvos stores in the city.

I need to go to bed, because I need to go to work in 10 hours. And the post office before that.


  1. I'd avoid the Salvos and hit some of the smaller op shops here instead. Much better prices and bargains. I'll email you a list.

  2. Sounds like a ton of stuff to do .. but it also sounds like you're on top of it.