Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dance little numbers, dance.

Today, without meaning to, I designed a new go-to quilt pattern. One that very neatly uses two metres of fabric with very little waste, and, because we measure the world in two ways, it can also be done nicely with 5 quarter yard cuts an a one yard contrast fabric too.

I've now realised that stopping quilting for a couple of months to do bags was the right thing. I was a bit bored with quilts. Now I'm sooo ready to get this bag of Meagan's finished so I can make this quilt.

Also, did anyone else know that you can very neatly interlock 5 different colours of pinwheels so they're perfectly evenly spaced? I didn't till this morning (the new pattern is a whirlygig one, five colours and the background, but if you ditch the background and do it with HSTs, hey, pinwheels) and as a result I've got a new plan for those pastel rainbow fat quarters I bought the other day. I just need one more quarter of each colour, and a couple of 25cm scraps and, you know, time*, and it'll be awesomeness.

Till then, it'll be the lone pile on my still unscrewed and slightly leaning bookshelves.

*quilting was easier back when I didn't have friends, a gym membership or a slight addiction to the crispy chicken strips in McDonalds snack wraps and the "feelings" talks that accompany them.


  1. Can't wait to see the pinwheel quilt (since I don't really understand your explanation .. I need pictures .. and because I love, love, love pinwheels.)

  2. Glad you got your mojo back! Ive missed seeing your quilting brilliance but I guess we all need to take a break every now and then!