Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today I put all my unlikely-to-be-used-anytime-soon fabrics into the shed, cleared out four bags of old crap for dad to take to the tip, bought a dozen new pairs of socks at Dimmeys, went to the Salvos and didn't buy back any of my stuff, re-filled my cupboards at the half-price clearance sales at kmart (for only about $60), got my hair chopped off, bought fabric to have a go at a quilted pocketless version of the gym bag, went to see Helen, made the pocketless quilted version of the gym bag (it looks floppy, so I need to fill it with stuff before I can take a decent photo), shredded another bag (from the Salvos) for fixtures and washed what's left of my hair. I also tried to shift my part a little bit further off centre but time will tell how successful I've been at that.

With an action packed life like mine, no wonder I'm starting to feel a bit tired. Bedtime, methinks :)


  1. sounds like a very busy day .. night. and very productive as well.

  2. I'll show you my drastic haircut if you show yours.

    Sounds like a crazy day. Hope you're set for some fun tonight. Im glad you didnt buy any of your own stuff back at the salvos!