Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome all, to the Circle of Trust.

Tonight, I broke 3 machine needles. After forgetting to sew the handles into the other side of the bag. And deciding to fix it (because I needed to make my side 2cm longer for the seam allowances where the handles needed to be tucked in) by adding a zippered pocket. Which, before unpicking and sewing correctly to the side, I sewed to the base piece.

If any of these things had happened while I was quilting, I probably would have given up. But I am really liking this bag. I'm liking making up stuff as I go along. I'm liking the fact that I'm using up fabric that's been in my stash for over a year, which I love the look of but in my heart know was nowhere near the kind of quality needed for a quilt top. I'm loving adding random pockets. I'm loving the unstructured style of sewing, where it's not piece a bunch and press a bunch, but cutting and interfacing and sewing and moving. From the kitchen to the machine and back again, each time with a little bit different bit.

I think one of the reasons I'm liking this speed of sewing better than quilting is that it fits in better with facebook chat. It's early days yet, but I am indeed running the risk of being attached by my next BnS ball. Which would be a shame, but if I was willing to let him distract me enough to cut my pieces incorrectly, sew a zipper to the wrong piece and still be in a good enough mood to simply change needles when they broke, I suppose it is time for me to admit, quietly, that I like a boy.

P.S. if any of you tell my Mother, Father, Sisters, Grandparents, coworkers or indeed, anyone I have ever met, there will be serious repercussions. I've invited you into the Circle of Trust, don't abuse the power.


  1. Although I might be inclined to tell all those people, I live a fair bit away and by the time I meet them (if I ever do), you'll be married and have five kids who will all be in their 20s and worrying about you finding out about their possible attachments ... that being said, I won't abuse the power. You do need to tell us more about this "boy" ..

    p.s. don't some of your friends, co-workers, and family members read your blog??

  2. Im in the circle! (Doing the happy dance here )

    He must indeed potentially be a Prince among men to have you in such a calm mood over sewing faux pas.

    And this explains the sharp increase in social-ness lately!

    For 100 bucks I could probably keep the secret....

  3. Don't know why, but I didn't realize this was your favorite this week!

  4. Lol you've been watching too many Fockers.
    I promise I won't tell anyone, feeling very privileged here now, but we do need more details!!!!

  5. I found you because I follow Shay and Marg. Can I be in the circle, please, please. I am very good at secrets!

    Can't wait to see your purse! I would have trashed it by now!

  6. Whooooo hoooo, Sara likes a boy.......about time! He must be very nice Sara.
    Shay is so cheap, Im holding out for $300 silence money. Then again you know Im very very good at keeping secrets so if someone finds out then it never came from me.
    Love from your favourite Aunty =)