Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The truth is out there. But it's a bit dull...

I realised today when everyone wanted to know why I'm finally cleaning my room that I never actually said anything about it before. Clearly, I'm cleaning my room so that when it comes time to bring a boy home to shag, I won't look like a crazy hoarding quilting lady.

Actually, that's not it. I don't care about the fact that I am a crazy hoarding quilting lady. And it's not like it's not a fairly well known fact. It's probably a more interesting story than the truth though, which is that one of Dad's mates bought a house that was only carpeted last year, but he's decided he wants hardwood floors instead. So Dad's scored himself a heap of nearly new carpeting, and decided to re-do all our rooms.


Progress is horrible and slow. And sneezy, and heavy, and neverending. Four 52L tubs and four big garbage bags have made no discernible dent in the stuff I have accumulated over the last 5 years. Come Thursday and Friday, which I have off, when I can put it off no longer (Dad plans to do it over the weekend) I'll be faced with the nasty job of picking which sewing projects I want to do for the next few weeks, because I can't really put my room back together till I've been to IKEA in Adelaide, and that's not till the end of the month.

I hope a shag that isn't in the back of a ute and/or a new carpet is worth it. I may hang the big rainbow quilt on the wall, though I will have to put my beautiful wonky mingle quilt somewhere else, perhaps on a different wall.

I'm sure that once it's all done I will love it. Don't expect any before photos, they won't be taken. But hopefully my room will soon be "after photo" worthy.


  1. But the after photos, aren't as much fun without the before us all how much you accomplished with both pics! Please...........:D

  2. I second Ann Marie .. but as a note of encouragement, it always, always looks worse before it suddenly looks better.

  3. How can we be stunned by the brilliance of the new room if we dont see the before shots?

    New carpet is pretty exciting. Im still swooning over my loungeroom carpet and it's almost three years old.

    How big is your bedroom and exactly how much stuff have you got? I have the impression you're a champion at stuffing stuff in places I would never think of!

  4. Oh and I hope the shag is worth it too....

  5. I think you definitely need to take a before shot, the after shot won't look nearly as exciting if we can't see what it looked like before. Don't worry it can't possibly look as bad as my daughters room.
    I have to ask too, your bedroom sounds ginormous, or do you have piles a metre high in there? I ask because I know what that looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!