Monday, July 18, 2011

Tax time...

I had such grand plans for tonight. The store closes at 8 on Sundays so that's an extra two hours I would have had to work with... I was gunna do the lining of the bag of pockets, because that's top of my pile of stuff-that's-around-the-machine, and who doesn't love new bags? Instead, I clicked on a random link (I cant even remember where from) and ended up on a website full of random cheap stuff and pretty dresses, also very cheap, which of course I had to look at every single one of, and eventually pick 6 of which I wanted. One of them's a ballgown. Yes, I do need another one. Absolutely. Stop being so judgmental.

Anyway, it came to about $100, which is very cheap for six-dresses-one-of-which-is-a-ballgown, but still, it's more than I could really justify spending on a whim.


It's the middle of July. Which means my group certificate finally arrived. Which means that after 45 minutes pressing yes, no and next on the etax program, the government has promised to send me $1025.50* in the next 14-21 days. And having spent $550 on car rego and $370 on a really big bookcase, I've got $105 left over.

That works out jolly well, doesn't it?

*they sent me back $1400 last year. I think they spent the other $375 on their fancy new 20c coins to celebrate themselves.


  1. Ugh...I cant even think about tax time yet ....

    Glad you got to have some fun with your refund.

  2. Interesting how that tax thing worked out .. I always dream of having some, but usually I have to "give" some rather than getting some back. And I'm married to an accountant.