Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I think it's easy to forget, when you spend time without close friends who think the same thoughts as you do, with whom you can hold a conversation using only a few words, who feel to you like maybe they are you, but stuck in a different body: it's easy to forget how awesome having friends like that is.

I have long blabbed on on this blog. A year of blogging came and went a few weeks back and I will confess, I didn't notice it, probably because I was off having far ranging, 3 hour conversations with Meagan or Anna. The amazing thing I think, is that talking to them isn't much different to doing a blog post, because, although it's being read by you guys, to a certain extent (as it is with actual on-paper diaries) what we are doing here is talking to ourselves. But when you're talking to another person but it feels as if you're talking to yourself, it's even better, because people don't look at you like you're crazy. Not even when you talk loudly about the kind of things that are inappropriate to talk about in front of strangers, but, to be fair, the only other people in the gym were this girl that I went to high school with but was never friends with, and the guy that always comes when she's there and sits next to her and chats to her even though they arrive separately leaving us wondering what's up with them.

Maybe they're just two people who found each other and realised that talking to each other was like talking to themselves. If that's the case, I suspect they don't even hear what we're saying about work and boys and sex. It's easy to forget the rest of the world exists when you're talking to yourself*.

*you know what is a fantastic distraction from talking to yourself (in a blogging context)? The little dunk sound that facebook chat makes when you're chatting with a boy... The same boy you spent an hour or so talking to yourself (in an actually-talking-to-your-bestie context) about earlier at the gym.


  1. it's great to have friends like that! You are so lucky!

  2. I think that often it's easier to say things out loud on your blog that you might not say to your friends in real life. (Not that I post anything deep and meaningful very often !)

    My actual friends rock too- they do know many of my deep dark secrets and dont judge me for them.

    It's great to have friends like those.

    I hope your facebook continues to make the dunk sound since it appears to be making you very happy!

  3. I know exactly what you are saying. Our best friends moved New Years Eve 5 hours away. This weekend we just had to go and visit them, because the 4 of us missed that "talking to yourself" thing. Us girls are so much alike, that her mother gets the two of us confused all the time. Her mother came up for the weekend too. It was a great weekend having that feeling of others "getting you" where the rest of the world is so confused.