Thursday, July 7, 2011

So many people...

What do other people think of someone talking about themselves in the third person? It's something that, in day to day usage, makes me want to stab the person doing it in the face. Repeatedly. And then set fire to them. The variety of personal pronouns in the English language isn't so vast that you should be confused by them, not when English is the only language you've ever spoken. And it's not like your being a literary genius by saying "can Kyal go upstairs and get a drink?" - I can't even be bothered dignifying the douchebagginess of that statement with a well written, bestseller novel type alternative where third person is the best and therefore most used of the personal pronouns.

All I can say is this - as much as I hate it when people speak in the third person, I'm quite okay with them doing it on facebook. You'd think that now facebook no longer demands you use is as the first word of your status (which forces you into third person), and now that your name and your status are clearly defined as separate things, I would be thinking that people should stop doing third person statuses and revert to the first person pronoun they learned before they were even in kindergarten, but actually, I'm okay with it.

Does this make me a hypocrite, or just a bit weird?

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  1. Why does Sara ask such perplexing questions? Seriously though, when you speak of yourself in the third person it's just weird. Not so much in writing as in speaking.