Sunday, July 10, 2011


I have been quilting. It's felt kinda good. Boring, easy, achieving-things good.

It would seem that if you've lost the motivation to quilt, tell yourself you need to clean your room. Quilting, even difficult spinning zigzaggy quilting will be nice and peaceful and easy.

It will also give you time to ponder your new problem: if you have to pack away all your stuff for the next few weeks, what are you gunna leave out to sew? I won't have a big bookcase to start unloading all my stuff back in till we go to IKEA in Adelaide the weekend of Stonerollers... 22 days from now, plus however long it takes me to translate Swedish flatpack instructions. I don't know what I'll feel like sewing tomorrow, let alone 21 tomorrows after that.

No wonder my long procrastinated quilting seems like a fun thing to do just now...


  1. I speak Swedish so I can translate for you.

    I often find myself sewing to avoid mundane chores like housework.

    I guess your lack of motivation may have something to do with having other things taking up your time. It's OK to focus on other things. The quilting stuff will still be there when you come back to it.

  2. You guys rock .. when I want to procrastinate, I just plop down on the couch and watch TV .. none of this productive sewing type stuff.