Saturday, July 23, 2011

I miss you, bed.

My favourite thing today is my bed. And annoyingly, it's one of those "don't miss it till it's gone" favourites. See, tomorrow (in about 7 hours, actually) a man is coming to put in some new carpet in my bedroom. Since it's nearly 1am now, that means he'll be getting here at 8am, and since I don't really wake up till lunchtime normally, that posed a bit of a problem, rectified of course by moving my bed out to the bar in little (well, actually quite big, really) pieces, and me sleeping in my sister's room. But for me, my bed is not just for sleeping on. As a queen sized bed in a quite small and full room, most of my living takes place on the bed. I use my laptop on the bed, design bags and quilts on the bed. Watch movies on the bed, eat snacks on the bed, read books on the bed. My bed is my place. And while I may have carped on a bit a few weeks ago about how your watch or your handbag says something about you, there is nothing more in tune with a person than a single gal's bed. I'd make a conservative guess that I spend fully half my time on that 2m2, and it fits me perfectly, from the little dent I've made in the mattress to the exact weight of the quilts (a polyester quilt and a comforter that came from lincraft ages ago inside the one eiderdown cover, and 4 of my quilts on top of that) that I like. Also, my tendency to wake up at a 90° angle to what I went to sleep at, stretched full length along the pillows. My cushion that I cuddle, as well as Mo the Sheep, Alex the Monster and Eleanor the Elephant. And of course my electric blanket. I really really love that.

Other things I love right now:

KFC Potato and Gravy.
Cadbury Fingers.
External harddrives.
Facebook chat and messages being the same thing now.
Barrette hair clips.
Jeans day at work.
Chocolate Mudcakes.
Putting a bandaid on a broken nail when you can't find a nailfile.
Dragging new tabs to the tab bar in Firefox.
Playing Bejeweled on a touchscreen.
Bundy White Lemon and Lime.


  1. I love my bed too but have lately taken to falling asleep on the lounge most nights which I dont love half as much. I actually slept in my bed two nights in a row and got all excited about re-discovering it again.

    Your bed will be back in place and you'll have your awesome space very soon. It's going to look fantastic.

    I love KFC gravy. What a wonderful conglomeration of chemicals that is. But it tastes soooooo good and has the added benefit of preserving me from the inside out I suspect.

  2. Beds are wonderous things. I agree we take beds for granted until we go camping or end up places like the "spider" motel. Hope yours is back up soon.

  3. My daughter pretty much does the same as you on her bed. Although she doesn't design bags or quilts.
    I prefer lying on the couch to lying on my bed to do things other than sleep.
    Mmmmmmmm KFC gravy a wonderfully yummy concoction.

  4. I, like you, appreciate my bed so much more when I don't have access to it. I'm loving it right now.

    Can't wait to see the new room.

  5. I love my bed too...its the only place in the house that is all mine and although I do get invaded all the time it is my space at the end of a long day when everyone else is sleeping....just me and the cat Bliss! My ventolin is being used a lot lately as well, must be the weather?? :-)