Sunday, July 24, 2011

Losing it.

Mum has decided we will get these carpets properly cleaned before we put the furniture back in, so yet again I'm without a bed. Well, that's a lie, I'm sharing Maddy's bed with Casey, and she snores like a freight train. Or sometimes like a chainsaw. One time it was like a motorbike. But you get the idea. Last night, to combat it, I stayed up till about 4am safe in the knowledge that I would be so tired I would fall asleep in spite of the noise, and I could sleep in once she'd gone to work at 7. But tomorrow I start work at 12, which is late by anyone's standards, except of course mine. Or those of the nightfill boys. Some might say the nightfill boys have no standards, and they wouldn't be too far wrong.

Because I'm working all afternoon and most of the evening tomorrow, I just have to hope that some nice parent or sibling puts my bed back while I am at work. I'm losing it without my bed.


  1. Such a sad story :(. In a week, you'll be all rested up and will have forgotten all your misery.

  2. Mr. P snores like a jumbo jet. Sometimes like a Sherman tank and occasionally like a Mack truck. I feel your pain.

    I do hope your bed is back where it should be by the time you get home. If it's not you can come and sleep on my lounge. It's 9 feet long and very comfy.

  3. Snoring is better than farting......

  4. Hope your bed is back soon!