Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a rich man's world.

Oh dear. Having spent a little bit of money, I am filled with a desire to spend much, much more. Dell has dropped the price of my chosen next phone by $200, for all that I can't buy it because I don't have an American address (I may at some point need to borrow someone's) and I've suddenly been filled with an overwhelming urge to have a TV in my room. I've not had one for the last 23 years and I'm suddenly worried I'm missing out. A 19 inch from Kogan (they're a cheap online company - Dad's telly on the boat came from them and it's going great) with DVD and USB input is about $200, but I've seen them on sale for less. As much as I'd love a big bitchin' screen, that's about the biggest I can fit on the wall opposite the bed. It's still plenty bigger than my 12" laptop though, and way bigger again than the 5" I can spare in the corner of my screen when I'm using the internets. I may wait a while on that though - the Dell Venue Pro has dropped to $300 and whereas before I was just vaguely considering the notion (as I am now with the idea of a telly) now with the price drop it's left me thinking maybe I should keep paying rego in 3 month lots instead of doing it for the whole year all at once and buy the phone with the money gap - kinda like a very odd buy now/pay later.

It's kinda a wonder how I manage to do my own taxes and still get plenty of money back, when I'm clearly useless with finances - I'm not sure "I want that" (add to cart) is the best financial strategy...


  1. Im going to be in the market for a new phone at some point shortly and while I hear that's exciting in your world, Im dreading having to make a decision.

    At least you know what you want.

    TV in your bedroom does weird things to your brainwaves...

  2. you can use my address anytime .. I have a new phone that I hate.

    Used to have a TV in our room, but we gave it up for some reason and haven't replaced it yet.