Thursday, July 14, 2011

It seems like a good idea...

Even though I said I wasn't gunna buy any more fabric till after my room was clean, I did buy some hot pink cotton sheeting today to use as a binding for the rainbow steps on black quilt, which is very nearly all quilted - it would be but the moving stuff around thing has left the machine even more, um, congested than usual.

I had originally planned to bind it in black. It has a black border and background, and well, it seems obvious, which of course seems to me to be a perfect reason not to. The quilt itself doesn't contain a hot pink in the piecing - The colours are all kona and the bright pink looked a bit faded compared to all the other colours, so it goes from the orange (I used tangerine and school bus) through to just the far side of purple (cerise). I've really struggled to find a super-bright pink in quilting fabric, but Spotlight has some 285cm wide 100% cotton sheeting that is exactly the colour I wanted. I also have to applique a heart in the corner, which will be the hard bit for me, though at least it will be quite small and in the corner. And yes, I have quilted it before appliqueing - I plan on shallowly needleturning it and then quilting through a foot's width* inside the seam just as I did with the piecing.

I have tomorrow off, so instead of cleaning like I should, I'm sure I will be finding new and exciting ways in which to procrastinate. Binding. Binding's toats fun!**

*by this I mean the width of the machine foot, which, being metric, is about .75cm. I don't mean I'm sewing a foot (12inches/30.4cm) from the edge. Obviously. That would be dumb.
**no, it's not. But it's better than cleaning out my room.

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  1. I'll pop on over and clean out your room. I love shit like that . Or I could come and do your binding. I just want to have today off basically!

    Why are there no pictures of this quilting awesomeness you speak of.You know Im a visual person!