Friday, July 29, 2011

(In) decisions

Surely I cannot be the only person who, faced with an imminent two days away from home, has a nervous breakdown based on what to pack?

It started well. In spite of it being cold, and midnight, and therefore dark, I went out to the shed and managed to find, using only the little tiny torch on my keyring, everything I was looking for, except for the container of little torches you put on your keyring. But I have a spare tent, and my fur coat, and my flannelette underskirts, and the old morning after bag (I'm thinking I might make a new one though) and a rotary cutter and a short ruler and Casey's bit of Case-I-H fabric that I need to make into a cushion for her. I found blank DVDs and CDs, and brought the wrong ones inside, but that's okay. I know where they are for tomorrow.

I came back inside, got started on packing, and had to stop when I realised that it's only for one night, I do not need to take 4 pairs of jeans, and chances are high that I will just wear home whatever is in the morning after bag.

The morning after bag is the best. It's a really little bag, that contains jeans, a shirt, socks and jocks. Very handy when what you've taken off the night before was a floor length wedding dress with masses of underskirt, and you've just woken up in the swag of a boy you only met yesterday. You need quick, comfy and practical, and ball gowns are fur coats are not that.

I may make an unlined/uninterfaced version of the gym bag to shove those into to get back to our spot. My shift for tomorrow night has been cancelled, so I have an extra 5 hours in which to do stuff. It will mean another trip to the shed to find the strapping and fabric I need, but I'm getting better at finding stuff now.

All I got made today were the lanyards.

I've made 6, because that's how many wide ends were in the pack of 10 that I bought, the other 4 being narrow, and my having left the narrow ribbon in the car. There's five of us going, and Mum can have one too, so that will do us. I made us a facebook group too, because that's how I roll. I think the only qualifications you need are to be a female swag owner. I know that's a bit discriminatory, but the clauses are somewhat gender specific, and most girls keep their swags in good condition, so they are natural experts on how a swag should be. Depending on how successful these are this weekend, I may have to make quite a few more. I still have to round off the corners on these ones: I cut them with the rotary cutter and they're quite sharp points. Hopefully the corner cutters they have in the scrapbooking section will do the trick.


  1. This B and S Ball stuff sounds very scientific and organised. A morning after bag? Good grief back in my day you were lucky if you could find your undies from the night before let alone an entire bag of stuff ...

    Did I just type that out loud?

    Have a ton of fun Sara.

  2. OMG TMI Shay.
    I'm finding this very informative Sara. I'm crap at packing, I always take too much, just in case...........
    I think you've frightened Thea.