Saturday, July 16, 2011

I don't like thongs.

Tonight, I'm suffering from the horrible empty feeling that comes from finishing a book you were really into, and not having another one lined up. It bummed me out so much, I cleaned out under my bed. So now I'm also feeling bummed about the fact that an hour and a half of clearing, putting stuff in tubs and binning everything else has made the room look... slightly messier. All the visible mess is still there, around the sewing machine, and of course I'm putting that off the most because that's where all the half done projects are, and if you put them away there's always a risk they will remain half done forever.

In an effort to counter this at least a little bit, the rainbow zigzag quilt is all quilted and trimmed. This was from ages ago, and I kept stalling in hopes that I and/or my machine would magically acquire the ability to stipple, and I could do some funky dense stuff all over the black bits, leaving the rainbow to pop. But it still hasn't happened (because a.) I need to take my machine in for a service and having done that b.) practice) So I just followed the seams along the zigzags -edge to edge on the black, around the inside on the coloured bits. It makes it look a bit more cohesive on the back too - random zigzagged lines interfere with a random stripey design less than defined patches of quilting.

Trimmed AND lint rolled. Still needs a heart appliqued into the bottom corner gap.
I might bind it from the back so it's wider on the front, so I don't chop off as much of the piecing.

Pink binding will be done some other day, mainly because the fabric I'm using is 285cm wide sheeting, and it's gunna take a bit of effort to iron it and cut it into strips. There'll be less joins though, but I'm not sure it's worth it. I just went for it because I like the colour.

Change of topic now. I feel like having a little rant.

I have a question. What's so great about thongs? Obviously, being Australian, I am referring to the rubber footwear that gives you nasty nasty blisters, not the skimpy underwear that gives you nasty nasty wedgies. But really, they're both pretty bad. I mean, yes, they are easy to get on. And when you're at the beach, you can shake out the sand, for all that it's pointless, because the next step you take will get more nasty gritty bits between the thong and your big toe, grinding away mercilessly at the skin. And it wasn't so bad when everyone was paying two bucks a pair from kmart, but now everyone's paying twenty bucks for a pair of havaianas, and still losing them/getting them stolen at the same rate. It seems like a waste of money for something that's nowhere near as good as a pair of real shoes. I put on a pair today, because they were at the back door, and my boots were at the front door, and I was going out to get some bark to light the fire, and the front door was too far away, and I am lazy. And then I went out to the woodshed, which is usually quite full of spiders and I found myself thinking, "well, how ridiculous is this?" I have a pair of perfect boots that are pretty much impenetrable to spiders. And while I'm relatively chill about spiders* the ones in the woodshed are usually fist sized and hairier than the muff of a 70s porn star. Not the kind of thing I want on my be-thonged feet, for all that I would find the irony of one on an underwear thong worthy of a good chuckle. And while I feel that spiders on toilet seats are perfectly good and Australian, having to suffer through something furry crawling over my toes, just because I'm wearing properly Australian footwear (except they're made in Brazil) isn't cool. As far as I can tell, the only good thing about thongs is that there's usually some at the back door, and they stop me getting splinters in the bottom of my feet.

I feel better now.

*as opposed to Meagan, who made me go into the toilet and kill a 4cm daddy long legs last night - actual body size, about 3mm.


  1. It always looks messier before it looks organised. Trust me.

    I didnt wear thongs until 3 years ago when I went to Darwin and jumped on the havaianas bandwagon and now Im going to confess I will conitnue buying them. They are the most comfortable footwear ever. Perhaps not suitable for winter or spider hunting though.

    On a different note- The rainbow quilt looks amazing. The back is as cute as the font and pink will be the perfect binding choice.

  2. I used to love wearing thongs, BUT with the weather so warm here I practically wore them all year round. I paid for it dearly and wrecked my feet, so now I hardly ever wear them. I do wear Fit Flops though, the really really expensive thongs, they are much better for your feet and helped me when I could barely walk after wearing thongs for that long.
    I love the rainbow quilt and the back is amazing too.

  3. I think the reason for wearing them (the $2.50 kind), is they are cheap and easy to slip on. great to taking out the trash or getting the mail. I don't like showing my feet, or any other part of my body for that matter, but sometimes it's just easier, and I like easier.

    I agree with Shay, the rainbow quilt is beautiful, front and back. Just loving it.