Saturday, July 30, 2011


As usual, I spent most of today feeling like I was getting nowhere, and then as soon as I felt like I was slowing down stuff suddenly started to be done. I went over my to-do list and I was a bit amazed at how much I could cross off. I forgot to get a strap for the swag and a pillow until it was too late, so that will need to be done in the morning, along with picking up donuts and Holt the Cow from his other mummy. But that's a pretty manageable list.

Anyway, I've come up with a couple of favourites today. The first is being (nearly) ready. As a huge procrastinator and someone who tends to overly prepare getting organised to go away is always a challenge. I wait till the last minute, and then pack too much stuff. Packing too much last night and then downsizing tonight seems to have worked well though, but I suspect that once again I will be taking way too much food.

My other favourite is taking my ideas a little too seriously. I have a tendency to think of something and suddenly do it. My Official Swag Tester lanyards are a perfect example, but so too was my taking up quilting. I don't know how many people got started by saying, right, I'm gunna learn a new craft and create an example of it good enough to enter into a competition in 4 days time. Luckily I had my weeks wrong and it was actually 10 days time, but I would have had it done on the 4th day if I'd had too. I'm much better at getting organised for the things I thought of 15 minutes ago, than things I listed myself on facebook that I would be attending 15 weeks ago.

And some random favourites too:

Saying "Sad face" instead of actually frowning.

Strapping is so much easier than making an actual strap yourself.

Dan Murphies. Way cheaper than IGA liquor, even without giving you Woolies staff discount.

Telling everybody that I "combed my fur coat" and it not being yet another reference to my girly bits, because I have an actual fur coat.

Using my sewing machine for the first time in ages.

My amazing power cable finding abilities.

The fact that I am going to a BnS ball in about 17 hours time.

The fact that my Mum is dropping me off.


  1. Hooray for being just about ready. In a week's time I will be driving forever .. so the thought of packing is on my mind too.

    Enjoy the bal!

  2. I love it when you do a list of favourites. You always seem to have a lot of things that make you happy.

    As far as taking your ideas seriously goes I think you're the kind of person who has a lot of really inspirational ideas and acts on them immediately! It's great that you're excited by things. It's one of the things about you that I love!

    Dan Murphy's really does rock....

    Have a wonderful weekend Ms. Sara.

  3. Think and act is how I like to do as well. Keep the creativity flowing, and have a wonderful weekend.