Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Found it.

Tonight, for the first time in ages, I found myself wanting to get home to do some sewing. And then I got home, and found that my room was still torn to bits like I'd left it six hours before when I'd gone into work. Including 2 big tubs, a really old travel bag and a suitcase full of handmade toy monsters squarely in the way of my sewing machine.

Oh well. I found a lot of other things today too.

Lots and lots of socks. Literally dozens. That's the advantage to buying pretty much the same socks over and over, they all match one another, with very few odd socks remaining. All the socks that I found were black size 2-8 Bonds ankle socks with the padded soles. The look kinda like the one in my header, but in need of a wash.

Lots of zippers. Some individual ones, but quite a lot on rolls too. Over 20m of zipper all up.

Quite a few packs of blank CDs. Four USB sticks and two external harddrives. Five 3-pin-clover cables with Australian plugs. One with a US plug (I threw it out).

My Pandora bracelet with the blue beads on it. I had just assumed that one of my sisters had taken it.

The pattern for the ballgown that I threw out the instructions for yesterday. Thankfully, I am a smart cookie, I shall just figure it out.

Lots of hairties. Even more bobby pins. Half a dozen nailfiles. A box of pore strips.

A quilt cover that will make some really nice bags once it's chopped up.

Some blocks I made out of the blue charm squares Shay gave me when I visited her in Adelaide that I never got around to assembling into a second pillow*

Quite a lot of foreign coins.

Some carpet that hasn't seen the light of day in a couple of years, and will, sadly, be torn up in 5 days time and replaced.

Tomorrow I need to find myself another half a dozen tubs, and then by Thursday night I suspect I will find myself sleeping in an empty bedroom.

In the meantime, I need to find myself some hand sewing projects. Or I could set up the sewing machine out in the bar, maybe do a bit of quilting, drinking and listening to late 90s music out there.

*weird fact, I made the first pillow in yellow and now cuddle it more than I cuddle either Mo (the sheep) Alex (the monster) or Eleanor (the elephant). I figure this can only be a good thing, as it means I can remove my toys from the bed should a boy decide to spend the night in it, without depriving me of an inanimate object to cuddle as well as him. For an update on the boy situation - he's sick with tonsillitis, so nothing is happening. I find this as boring as you no doubt do.


  1. But on the positive side you found all those socks...

    Im stuck in a rut too but I dont have any excuse. Im just hoping it will pass. Im sure once your bedroom is all new and wonderful you'll find your mojo again.

  2. So you didn't just push the stuff out of the way and sew. such will power .. we still don't get a before picture?? :(