Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clearing out

This clearing out thing is hard. I keep telling myself just to turf stuff, that it's been sitting in drawers, and at the back of bookshelves, and under the bed, for so long that I didn't even remember I had it, so I may as well just throw it away. But then half the time it's things I've made, or even worse, things I never finished, and it's like, well shit. I put time and effort into this thing and now I'm gunna turf it. It seems like a massive waste, but then I think, no, this is a perfect candidate for the too hard basket. Buh bye, strange little thing: into the rubbish bag. You're only holding me back.

And then, I get to the supplies. Half used spools of cotton. Bags of odd toy eyes and noses. Knitting needles. Spools of ribbon. They've been sitting there for years. I don't know if I will ever use them. I paid good money for them once, but, just like all the other crap, I've been throwing them out. It just seems easier. There's too much nice stuff for me to just consider torching everything and starting over, so I keep telling myself that unless I love it, get rid of it. The spools of cotton you have to hand are never the right colour anyway.

I'm truly amazed though at how stuff seems to expand as soon as it gets taken from wherever it was and put into either a tub for storage or a rubbish bag. 3 small drawers managed to fill one of each. I'm about to do the dresser and I dread to think how many tubs I will need for that.


  1. When it is useable craft supplies, I take them to the guild meeting, and let someone else take them home, then I know my hard earning money I spent on it, is going to good use somewhere.......

  2. I keep craft supplies because as soon as I throw them out I need them-it's like Murphy's brother's law or something.

    Just think how virtuous you're going to feel when you're all done. Is this massive cleanout happening for a specific reason? It sounds like BIG changes are in the wind.

  3. I think it's magic .. the way the things you're tossing out expand once they are in a new bin .. I hate throwing things away after I've spent good money on them. My hubby and I were just saying, the way to get rid of things is for someone to do it for you .. they don't know what you spent on those things and it doesn't hurt. What's up??