Friday, July 22, 2011

Cleaning still.

The closer I get to the end the harder it is becoming. That makes sense I suppose, since you leave the hard bits till last. Most of what's left I could probably just shove into an enviro bag and into the cupboard, but It's a mix of important stuff that I want to remember the location of, and unimportant stuff that I forgot to put with the rest of the unimportant stuff, or didn't come across until it was too late to do so.

Also, there are cables. Lots and lots of cables. I'm a bit ashamed to say I'm running four powerboards and 3 double adapters in my bedroom. I know it's an electrical risk, but this bedroom was built before laptops and mobile phones and routers and two sided electric blankets and me owning two digital cameras and handheld computer* and two tablets and a sewing machine and an alarm clock. I'm pretty sure originally it ran two bedside clocks and two bedside lamps. When I get the bookcase, I will need to chop a hole in it where the powerpoint is.

Tomorrow we have to take out the furniture and put it out in the bar. Becky has cleared out already because she's mainly living at Todd's these days anyway, but Casey and I need to get our stuff out still. The man comes at 8 Saturday morning, and will apparently be tearing out the old carpet before he puts the new stuff in. That's a big relief to me, since the carpet I have now really, really, really likes pins. I spent about an hour picking them out, but I still probably only got half of them. They burrow in though, so you almost never get them in your feet. I think I might put one of my little quilts underneath the sewing cabinet when we get the new carpet so I can just wave my magnet over it and they will all get picked up.

I've also decided to get rid of my magazine collection, although the initial attempt nearly killed me, but not for the reason you may think. See, I put them all in a big bag on the bed, one of those woven plastic ones you get at Cheap as Chips, and then I went to lift it. And then when it turned out to weigh as much as, if not more than me, I fell off the bed. As if the runny nose and asthma attacks weren't bad enough, this cleaning malarkey is trying to get me any way it can. I've since split them into four much more manageable enviro bags. For those of you who were interested, there were some beading magazines, lots of old issues of Empire magazine and the first two dozen or so issues of Top Gear magazine. When I get my new shelves, I will need that space for fabric.

*actually, I have two of these too, but since they're identical, I only have the one charger.


  1. Happy New Carpet Day...we want pictures.

    I dread ever moving from this house because it would take me FOREVER to pack everything.

    Cleaning is a health hazard...

  2. I applaud and admire your diligence. By the end, I just grab a box and throw everything in. I'm too tired to care and then I regret being too tired to care.

    Can't wait to see the new carpet! how fun!

  3. I am kinda looking forward to moving, not that I am any time in the near future that I am aware of. But it would give me a chance to get rid of a ton of stuff without wanting to hang on to it. Find stuff I lost or forgot about. And last I would have a spotless house for at least a month upon moving in. Because as Shay said, Cleaning is a health hazard!!!