Monday, July 4, 2011


So tonight, I baked a cake. I also made a bag, but whatever, I've done like 5 of them in the last month. A cake though, that is something new!

So it all started with someone on facebook saying they were going to make a cake, but then they had no butter so they couldn't. By this point though, cakes were already being made - I will confess mine is a packet mix - while I can make bags from scratch I doubt I could do a cake. It's actually two packet mixes, clevery plopped together to give good swirlyness. But because of this it was too big to fit in any of our plastic containers, so a fair bit had to be chopped off. It felt like quite a waste, since it took about an hour and a half to cook. And is still a bit too moist for my liking - I am a fan of dry cakes. But it looks cool, and on the internet, that's enough.

This bag is even cooler in real life than on the internet.

I took photos as I made it, so I can do up the pattern sometime soon. I gave it a layer of cotton quilt batting and one layer of 1600F interfacing, and that seems to be a good blend between stiffness and softness. Outside fabric is Bloom by StudioE, inside is a bright goldy-orange. 40cm long, 30 high and 22 wide, no extra pockets.

I prefer the bag, but the cake is the more remarkable achievement.


  1. I was about to ask for the cake recipe because it DOES look fantastic! Well done for going all Betty Crocker on our arses. (Send the cake here -I love moist cake )

    And the bag ...yes definitely love that one. The fabric is gorgeous. If you post that tutorial soon maybe I can con my Mum into doing the zip while she's here next weekend....

  2. The cake looks good, really good, and I love moist cakes too.

    The bag is a ripper, you are very good at making bags. I just wouldn't, I know I would swear....... a lot, even more than I do when i make quilts.
    I agree the fabric is very very nice.