Thursday, June 9, 2011


Some nights you just think... Gosh life is weird. Gosh life is brilliant. I'm so glad I'm me, because this was something worth experiencing.

Or you know, maybe it wasn't. But the fact that I get paid to stand around and laugh with a half dozen of the greatest ladies in the world, for all that I occasionally have to sell someone some cancer sticks, makes up for the fact that my crazy Wednesday nights aren't actually super crazy, by the standards of, say, Charlie Sheen.

There was a lot of the usual boringness earlier on. Busy afternoon, dinner from the fish and chip shop and sitting in my car so my phone could eek out some charge for it's flat batteries from the car charger. A much quieter evening, and then a guy tries to steal some smiley fritz (it's a processed sliced meat with a smiley face on it in a slightly different coloured processed meat - yummy)

I mean really. It was maybe $3 worth. He had it in his pocket, he took his hand out of his pocket, the smiley fritz falls out, he realises and tries to nonchalantly walk away very quickly, except Lauren has noticed and is damn near wetting herself with laughter. I suppose it's difficult to be nonchalant when you've just had your dastardly plan foiled by a spot of gravity.

Still, that's not an unusual occurrence. You work in a supermarket, people try to steal stuff. It happens. Far rarer is a man walking in, one a Wednesday night, in nothing more than one of those borat style mankinis with another, still quite small, pair of undies on underneath. Raised some eyebrows that one did. And then a half dozen of his friends came in, boys and girls, in similar states of undress. Keep in mind that as well as being the middle of the week, it's also averaging about 7°C here in the evenings. We called everybody from around the store to have a look. I've no idea what they were celebrating.

While they were wandering around, another customer handed one of our checkout operators a small bag of weed she'd found down an aisle. Probably less than an ounce, but still.

Normally when someone hands in lost property we try to find any clues as to it's owner and reunite them. And although we were pretty sure we knew who it belonged to, I'm not sure how you go about asking a group of near naked people if the semi-illegal drugs someone's just found belong to them. Or, for that matter how they go about proving it. A wallet, we can match your license photo to you. A phone, we can call home. But a bag of dope, um, well, I'll need a microscope, and some comparative samples. So we waited till they'd left (they bought some chocolate) and called the policeman, who gave me a receipt and said that he would "destroy it"

I'm thinking I might just hide the receipt in amoungst Mum's tax paperwork - she'll find it in a month when she goes to do the GST and be all confused.

After we closed we decided to all go to maccas. So the four of us sat and ate chips and nuggets and bitched and laughed for about an hour, till it was time for them to kick us out.

And after all this, while I was busy thinking I love Wednesdays because of crazy people in mankinis and bags of weed in the supermarket and late night trips to maccas, I forgot that I love Wednesday because White Collar has started again, so I only started downloading it 15 minutes ago.

In crafting news, I have pressed 16 HST units of each print - 112 in total. Tomorrow I shall cut and sew another 16 of each print, but bigger.

This is going to be a very slow pair of quilts.


  1. I think I have to change careers...working at Woolies sounds like a ton of laughs. Nobody walks into my work in a mankini!

    Double dare you to hide the receipt among your Mum's stuff...that sounds like a classic in the making.

  2. True confession. I had to look up mankini. Must have been quite a night. Nobody walks into my office wearing one of those either, though we're close to San Francisco, you'd think I would have seen/heard of those before. or perhaps if I'd seen Borat. I've got to get out more.

    I think Shay might be an instigator, but that's just a guess.

    I may just check out White Collar.