Monday, June 20, 2011


So a gym membership, all up, is gunna cost me about $600, for the startup fee, the keycard and a years membership*. That's a lot of fabric. That's a new sewing machine. That's entry to 4 BnS balls. That's 5 new pairs of really good boots. That's 6 weekends out on the town. That's 7 weeks payment on my car loan.

I already have too many expensive hobbies. Do I really want another one?

I should explain that I'm not getting this because I think I'm fat. Clearly, at under 50kg, I'm not. But dancing at the pub the other night left me utterly exhausted because I'm very very unfit right now. The most exercise I get lately is climbing up the stairs to the staffroom at work. The weather is far too shit to start walking, and anyway, the only time I could be doing that is the middle of the night, which probably isn't the best option. Nor, obviously, is getting out of bed earlier.

Plus, lately when I have been dropping Meagan home after work we have sat in the car for ages and talked, when really, we could be better utilising that time. Not that talking isn't important, and admittedly, we may scare some some people away with our raucous laughter, but whatever. She has a gym membership but doesn't go there often enough because she is bored on her own. We do two nights a week together at least, so we could pop in after work together.

Also, the nightfill boys go there.

And it's a good excuse to try designing/sewing up a gym bag.

*pay by the week and it comes up to about $1200. I think I will pay by the week for the first couple of weeks still anyway, just in case simply being in the presence of a treadmill gives me a heart attack. It might.


  1. I had one but gave it up because it was too expensive .. hope you can stick with it.

  2. Yep sorry -If I want to grunt and get sweaty it'll be doing something fun NOT group excersize in front of a bunch of randoms.

    But you feel free to go ahead....