Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm afraid I shall have to give up quilting for a bit. I'm far too busy watching my way through 8 seasons of QI to do anything else right now.

How terrible is that? I have new fabric. The binding for the Mingle Star quilt is here. I have found a dark green that will slot nicely into the quilt I've made no more progress on whatsoever. I've got a pretty rainbow pinwheel all drawn up.


I can't say no to the prospect of Stephen Fry telling me interesting things. It's much easier to say no to quilting, and sit bemused in front of my laptop.

I feel a bit bad that everyone else is having proper quilting crises, while I'm sitting here with a milo and learning that friendship is like wetting my pants - everyone can see it, but only I can feel it's warmth. You can't quilt and learn stuff like that at the same time, so I'm not even gunna try. And I'm not gunna feel guilty about it either, because I'm five deep in quilts on my bed right now, and that's plenty in spite of the -2° temperatures we've been having down here lately.

Don't worry, I'm sure my ability to talk crap will in no way be diminished. If anything, watching two or three hours of people talking crap each night before I go to bed should leave me in peak talking-crap condition.

It's like exercise, but you can do it in bed. While eating chocolate cake.


  1. I have a visual of you rugged up in bed eating cake now. Decadent. I do know how bloody cold it gets down there because I've lived there. Dont envy you one bit.

    I think we are all suffering from crafty crap-itis at the moment in reposnse to winter. I just want to be warm and veg out too. I have lots of binding to do this week which can be done while Im doing the aforementioned veging!

    Keep on posting-I'll keep reading.

  2. Love QI and especially Stephen Fry, oh and don't forget Alan.
    Yumm chocolate cake.